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BSC Hierarchy Framework of Translating Strategy Objectives
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

BSC Hierarchy Framework of Translating Strategy Objectives

Slide Content

This slide presents the concept of a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Hierarchy Framework, illustrating how top-level strategic objectives can be translated and implemented across various functional departments within an organization. The top section displays a 'Top-Level Strategy' with interconnected colored circles representing different strategic objectives or goals. There are three lower sections, each titled 'XX Department', showing the trickle-down of these strategic objectives into department-specific actions. Accompanying the framework are two side elements: one with a scale icon labeled 'translating BSC', symbolizing the measurement of strategy, and another with layered papers labeled 'BSC feedback', representing the iterative feedback process within the BSC approach.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a clean, professional design with a blue and white color scheme.
  • The main title is displayed prominently at the top in dark blue.
  • A large, blue rectangular block contains the title 'Top-Level Strategy', above which is a diagram with interconnected colored circles (blue, green, orange, and red), symbolizing strategic objectives.
  • Arrows point downwards to three smaller blue rectangular blocks, each representing an 'XX Department', and each containing a similar diagram of interconnected circles.
  • On the right side of the slide, there are two vertically stacked graphical elements: the top one is a blue circle with a white scale icon, and the bottom one is three white staggered rectangular shapes with textual labels 'translating BSC' and 'BSC feedback'.
  • Each element employs a shadow effect, giving the shapes a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Simple line arrows are used to demonstrate the flow and linkage between the elements.
  • All text within the slide is sans-serif, maintaining a modern and clean aesthetic.

The overall look of the slide is sleek and corporate, with a clear visual hierarchy that emphasizes the flow of information from the top-level strategy to individual departments. The use of icons and color ## Use Cases

  • Presenting strategic plans to align departmental objectives with the overall corporate strategy in management meetings.
  • Training and workshops for middle managers to understand the process of translating broad organizational goals into specific departmental actions.
  • Progress review sessions, to discuss and visualize how well various departments have integrated the overarching corporate strategy into their operations.
  • Strategy refinement meetings, where the feedback loop in strategy implementation is analyzed and adjustments to the corporate strategy are considered.

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