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Brasil PPT Map Flag Demographic data South America
from deck Maps of South America Countries (PPT icons Population, GDP, transport)

Example: Brazil (flat design)

Slide Content

The slide presents basic information about Brazil in a clear and structured manner. It lists the capital city, Brasília, and the largest city, São Paulo, which is known for its cultural diversity and economic significance. It provides the country's area (8,516 km²), a quantifiable measure of its vast land mass. The population is stated as being 202.6 million, hinting at the demographic size of the country. Population density is then mentioned (23.7/km²), indicating how population is spread across Brazil's territory. The slide shows the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) as -2.505 trillion USD and a per capita income of $12,526, illustrating the economic status of Brazil.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is a gradient of dark to light gray.
  • The slide title is in the upper left corner, inside a blue tab with a pointed end.
  • There are colorful icons: a purple bar chart, magenta location pin, pink population icon, and orange currency icon, corresponding to different data points.
  • A map of Brazil is prominently displayed to the right, in a purple color with a silhouette of South America in dark gray behind it.
  • An arrow points from the map of South America to Brazil's map, emphasizing the country's location.
  • The Brazilian flag is positioned near the map for representation.
  • Data is organized in rows next to each icon with relevant statistics.
  • The source of the information is cited as Wikipedia at the bottom of the slide.

The slide has a modern, flat design aesthetic with a minimalistic approach and a color-coded scheme for easy interpretation of the data. The visual elements are strategically placed to guide the viewer's eye seamlessly through the information.

Use Cases

  • To introduce Brazil as a country in international business meetings, providing a quick overview of key facts.
  • During educational presentations, when teaching about Brazil's geography, economics, or demographics.
  • In marketing or investment pitches, highlighting Brazil's economic data and potential market size.
  • For country profiles in reports or country comparisons in research presentations.

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