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from deck Corporate Brand Identity Models (PPT Template)

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This PPT slide shows the branding objectives: brand identity, brand awareness, brand image, brand equity, brand engagement, and brand loyalty. Brand identity is when a corporation uses methods to develop its brand image. Brand awareness is the degree to which consumers can identify a brand. Brand image is the overall perception of a company held by actual or future customers. Brand equity represents the worth of a brand. Brand engagement is the process of forming bonds among customers and companies. Brand loyalty is the propensity for some customers to stick with one brand instead of switching to a competitor. You can use this PowerPoint slide if you are a marketing manager who wants to explain the branding objectives. You can download this PPT template on Google Slides and Keynote.

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White Background, Text Box, Hear Icon, Brand Awareness Icon, Eye Icon, Brand Equity Icon, Thumbs Up Icon, Brand Loyalty Icon

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