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Bonus infoDiagram slides of the month
from deck Bonus infoDiagram slides of the month

All table shapes and icons are easy to modify

Slide Content

The slide is showcasing the editability of table shapes and icons, emphasizing the ease of customization according to the user's needs. It presents a progression of table icons and user icons, each transforming from a simple grey outline to a filled version, and finally to a colored icon. This illustrates the three stages of modification - from basic to personalized.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a neutral backdrop for the content.
  • At the top, the slide title is displayed in a bold, large font, accentuated by a teal bar.
  • Three rows of icons are depicted, with each row showing a progression from simple to complex: from grey outline, to purple-filled, to fully colored (orange).
  • Arrows between the icons visibly demonstrate the transition from one stage to another, giving a sense of flow and process.
  • A sidebar in two overlapping shades of teal contains text highlighting the editability features, such as changing texts and resizing.
  • Each modification step is described with a short phrase adjacent to the corresponding arrows.

The overall look of the slide is clean and modern, with the use of color and simple shapes to convey the progression and personalization process. The layout is organized with adequate white space, ensuring a focus on the transformation of the icons.

Use Cases

  • To explain the customization capabilities of a software or digital product during a product demonstration.
  • In a training session, to guide users on how to personalize their workspace or documents within a platform.
  • For marketing presentations that highlight the adaptability of a platform to fit various branding requirements.
  • As a visual aid in sales pitches to communicate the user-friendly aspect of a service or tool that allows personalization.

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