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Editability of Stroke in Outline Icons

Slide Content

The slide discusses the customization options available for stroke in outline icons on PowerPoint slides. It outlines the possibility to change the color of icons by altering the outline color and not the filling. This allows for more flexibility in matching icons to presentation color schemes. It then describes how the outline thickness can be adjusted to suit specific needs, such as visibility when scaling the icon size, indicating that icon clarity can be maintained across various display sizes. Finally, it suggests that the icons can also be effectively utilized on dark backgrounds, expanding the usability of the icons across different slide designs.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, transitioning to a dark blue at the bottom.
  • There are three main sections of content, each with a light grey chevron-shaped bullet point on the left.
  • Text descriptions are placed to the left, with two instances of outlined text highlighting key points.
  • Three pairs of icons are displayed on the right, each pair demonstrating one of the customization features.
  • Arrows between icons illustrate the transformation or customization being described.
  • The icons are cloud shapes with three lines underneath, symbolizing a cloud and its reflection.
  • Color changes in the icons from light blue to green and orange showcase the versatility mentioned in the text.

The slide is clean and professional, using a mix of text and visuals to convey the message. The contrast between the icons and their transformations clearly demonstrates the points made in the adjacent texts.

Use Cases

  • To demonstrate the flexibility of presentation graphics to clients or team members.
  • During design tutorials for instructing on the customization of iconography.
  • In marketing presentations to showcase brand adaptability with visual elements.
  • As part of a template showcase in a pitch for a graphic design service.

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