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from deck Creative Big Data Diagrams (PPT Template)

Data Sizes Comparison Table

Slide Content

The slide titled "Data Sizes Comparison Table" provides a comparison between Small Data, Large Data, and Big Data. Small Data are in megabytes and include sales records and customer databases from small to medium companies, characterized by hundreds to thousands of records, typically analyzed using personal computers, Excel, or other basic statistics software through simple statistics. Large Data spans gigabytes to terabytes, consists of customer databases from big companies, has millions of structured records, and is handled using server workstation computers, relational database systems, and data warehouses, with analysis conducted through advanced statistics, business intelligence, and data mining. Big Data extends into petabytes, encompasses customer interactions across various platforms, possesses over millions of distributed, unstructured records, and is processed using cloud services, data centers, distributed databases, NoSQL, and Hadoop, analyzed by methods such as MapReduce and Distributed File Systems.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is a solid, light gray color.
  • A large, bold title "Data Sizes Comparison Table" is positioned at the top of the slide.
  • A table structure divides the content into four columns titled "Examples," "Characteristics," "Typical tools," and "Analytical methods."
  • Each row of the table corresponds to a different data size category: "Small Data," "Large Data," and "Big Data," each with a corresponding icon.
  • The "Small Data" row is marked with a green icon depicting a grid, possibly representing a spreadsheet.
  • The "Large Data" row has a cyan icon showing stacked coins or databases.
  • The "Big Data" row features an aqua icon that combines a bar graph and a database symbol.
  • Each cell within the row contains white text against the slide's light gray background, with a darker gray rectangle as a backdrop for row titles.
  • The font color for column titles is white, set against a dark blue background, creating a sharp contrast.
  • Round bullets are used to list items under the "Examples" column.
  • The text in the table is sans-serif, easy to read, and varies in size with larger text for headings and smaller for bullet points.
  • Each row is separated by a horizontal line to improve readability.

The overall design is modern and clean, with a good use of contrasting colors to distinguish between different types of data. Icons are used effectively to symbolize each category, enhancing visual communication.

Use Cases

  • This slide could be used in a business presentation to educate employees or stakeholders about the different scales of data handled within the company.
  • It can serve as part of a training module for data management teams to discuss tools and methodologies appropriate for different data sizes.
  • The slide would be suitable for a sales pitch by a technology solutions provider to highlight their capability in managing varying data volumes for potential clients.
  • This could also be included in academic settings, like university lectures, to teach students about data structures and analysis techniques.

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