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The 3 Vs of Big Data - Volume, Velocity & Variety Slide
from deck Big Data Presentation Outline Diagrams (PPT Template)

This slide presents the 3 Vs of big data. This concept was created by Gartner. The defining properties of big data are Volume - the amount of data, variety - the type of data, and velocity - the speed of the data processing. These assets require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision-making, insight discovery, and process optimization ( Douglas Laney, 2012). You can use this slide for training purposes, add text, and change or resize shapes without any quality loss. Apart from PowerPoint, you can download this slide in Google Slides and Keynote too.

Slide infographic description:

White Background, Puzzle Diagram, Colorful Puzzle Outline Shapes, Yellow Sticky Note, Editable Vector

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