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Data Size Comparison Infographic Slide - Measurement of File Size
from deck Big Data Presentation Outline Diagrams (PPT Template)

This data size comparison PowerPoint template explains everything one must know about data storage. Small data (megabytes) - found in sales records, and customer databases for small and medium companies. The characteristics of small data are hundreds or thousands of records, and the typical tools are PC, Exel, R, and other basic statistics software, whereas the analytical method is simple statistics. Large data (gigabytes and terabytes) - used in customer databases for big companies; millions of records, mostly structured data; tools - server workstation computers, relational database systems, and data warehouses; analytical methods - advanced statistics, business intelligence, and data mining. Big Data (terabytes, petabytes) - customer interactions (social media, mobile), multimedia (video, images, free text), location-based data, and RFIM; over millions of records, distributed and unstructured; tools - cloud, data centers, distributed databases, NoSQL, Hadoop. Analytical methods used in big data are MapReduce, and Distributed File Systems. This slide has editable shapes and can be downloaded in Google Slides and Keynote without quality loss.

Slide infographic description:

Table Layout, Small Data Icon, Big Data Icon, Large Data Icon, Flat Outline Icons, Blue Banners

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