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Slide Content

The slide presents an overview of the Colorful BCG Matrix, a useful framework for analyzing a company's product portfolio based on market growth and market share. The matrix is divided into four quadrants, each represented by a color and an icon: High Market Growth and High Market Share (Stars, blue), High Market Growth and Low Market Share (Question marks, green), Low Market Growth and High Market Share (Cash cows, purple), and Low Market Growth and Low Market Share (Dogs, orange). Stars symbolize high-growth, high-share products or businesses needing investment to grow. Question marks represent businesses with low market share in a high-growth market, highlighting potential but requiring significant investment to increase share. Cash cows indicate low-growth markets with high market share, signifying established and profitable entities that generate more wealth than they consume. Dogs are low-growth, low-share businesses and products that may not be profitable and could be considered for divestment or repositioning.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and organized layout, structured into four equal-sized quadrants.
  • Each quadrant has its own distinct color: blue, green, purple, and orange, creating a visually distinct section for each category.
  • Centered within each quadrant is an icon: two stars in the blue quadrant, a question mark in the green quadrant, a cow in the purple quadrant, and a dog in the orange quadrant.
  • The icons are simple and white, providing a good contrast against the colored backgrounds.
  • Horizontal and vertical labels classify the axes: "Market growth" on the vertical axis with "High" at the top and "Low" at the bottom, "Market share" on the horizontal axis with "High" to the right and "Low" to the left.
  • The axis labels are in gray, matching the minimalist style of the slide.

The slide uses a grid layout that is easy on the eyes, with contrasting colors and simple icons that quickly convey the strategic category each quadrant represents. The overall design is modern and straightforward, facilitating quick understanding of the BCG Matrix framework.

Use Cases

  • During strategic business reviews to evaluate and discuss the current status of product lines or business units.
  • In marketing presentations to explain portfolio strategy and resource allocation among products or services.
  • For educational purposes to teach students or new employees about product management and business strategy frameworks.
  • While developing investment strategies to decide where a company should invest, develop, or divest based on product performance.

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