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Big Data Applications telco healthcare industry
from deck Creative Big Data Diagrams (PPT Template)

Big Data: Application Areas – Hexagonal Diagram

Slide Content

The slide presents the diverse sectors where Big Data can be applied, visually represented through a central hexagon labeled "Big Data Applications," surrounded by six other hexagons. Each surrounding hexagon represents a different industry: "Banks & Insurance," implying financial services; "Healthcare & Research," relating to medical and scientific data usage; "Telco," denoting telecommunications; "Energy & Utilities," indicating sectors like electricity and water; "Automotive production," which covers vehicle manufacturing data; and "Retail," referring to consumer sales analytics.

Graphical Look

  • Central large grey hexagon with the title "Big Data Applications."
  • Six surrounding hexagons, each with a unique color and an icon representing different industries.
  • Line connections between the central hexagon and each of the surrounding industry hexagons.
  • Industry hexagons contain icons: a shopping cart for Retail, bank columns for Banks & Insurance, a cogwheel for Automotive production, a microscope for Healthcare & Research, a plug for Energy & Utilities, and a mobile device for Telco.
  • Each industry hexagon has a small title label, white text on a semi-transparent black strip.

The slide has a clean, organized appearance with a harmonious color palette and easy-to-understand visual connectors that create a hub-and-spoke model. The icons are intuitive, aiding quick recognition of the corresponding sectors.

Use Cases

  • Presenting industry-specific use cases of Big Data in a corporate presentation.
  • Explaining the impact of Big Data in various market segments during an educational seminar.
  • Showcasing business opportunities related to Big Data analytics in an investor relations meeting.
  • Introducing a Big Data service or product and its relevancy across different sectors to potential clients.

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