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All shapes are easy to adapt

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "All shapes are easy to adapt" showcases three circular graphical elements that appear to be customizable infographics. Each contains a large percentage value, with "47M" and "73%" displayed in two of the circles and placeholders for descriptions and icons below them. An arrow points from the second blue circle to an identical orange circle, suggesting a color change or adaptation, with additional instructions on how one can edit the elements, like changing texts, ungrouping elements, and adapting colors to one's brand.

Graphical Look

  • Two circular blue graphics on the left, with a percentage sign inside a thicker outline and a thinner inner circle.
  • The larger text within the circles reading "47M" and "73%" respectively, indicating numerical or statistical data.
  • Below each circle, there's a placeholder text box with gray text prompting users to "Write your description here."
  • Each circular element has a corresponding icon at the bottom – a money bag symbol and an abstract circular arrow icon.
  • To the right, a duplicated orange circle labeled "73%" is shown, connected by a gray arrow from the blue circle, to demonstrate the ability to change the graphic's color.
  • A blue banner on the right side with the text "Fully editable" followed by smaller text with editing instructions, and two light gray chevrons at the bottom with further instructions on adjusting the slide elements.

The slide has a clean, professional appearance with a mix of visual elements that are both informational and instructional. Color differentiation is used effectively to demonstrate the adaptability of the graphical elements.

Use Cases

  • Presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) or statistics in a business meeting to summarize performance data.
  • Using the slide during workshops or training sessions to illustrate how to customize presentation elements.
  • Incorporating the graphic in a marketing presentation to depict different aspects of market share or customer engagement levels.
  • Embedding this slide in a sales pitch to visually represent sales growth, target achievement, or other quantifiable business metrics.

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