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Icon Index on Light Background: Sustainable Transport and Architecture
from deck Ecology icons bundle: Energy and Ecosystem, Waste, Sustainable Transport and Architecture (flat PPT clipart)

Sustainable transport & architecture: Icon index for light background

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a collection of icons depicting various aspects of sustainable transport and architecture. Sustainable transport options include "Walking," "Bike," "Car," "Carpool," "Taxi," "Bus," "Tram," "Conventional internal combustion engine (ICE)," "Biofuel," "All-electric," "Hydrogen fuel cell," and "Hybrid electric." These represent different modes of transport that are either emission-free or efficient in terms of energy consumption. The architecture icons feature "Eco house / sustainable architecture," "House insulation," "Energy efficient windows," "Solar panels," "Electric energy saving," and "Ventilation with heat recovery," outlining various methods to make buildings more environmentally friendly, such as using renewable energy and improving insulation to conserve heat.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clear blue and white color theme.
  • A grid of four rows and six columns of circular blue icons, each paired with a white caption underneath.
  • Each blue circle has a white pictogram or symbol representing different transportation modes and sustainable architectural elements.
  • Some transportation icons include a pedestrian, bicycle, car, two people in a car implying carpooling, taxi, and bus symbol.
  • Some architectural element icons show a house with leaves, indicating eco-friendly architecture, a snowflake inside a home for insulation, and a solar panel.
  • The upper and lower sections of the slide are symmetrical, with transport icons above and below, and architectural icons centered in the middle rows.
  • The foot of each icon label consists of two colors, dark blue for the main label background and a lighter blue shade for the secondary label information.

The overall look is professional and clean, with a predominant blue color scheme evoking calmness and stability. Icons are well-spaced and distinct for easy readability.

Use Cases

  • For presentations on sustainability initiatives and green urban planning to visually convey various eco -friendly transportation and architectural concepts.
  • In educational materials to discuss the importance of sustainable living and the impact of different transport and building design choices on the environment.
  • Within a corporate setting, to highlight a company's commitment to environmental responsibility by showcasing steps taken towards sustainable operations.
  • During workshops or seminars focused on innovation in sustainable technologies, as visual aids to summarize and explain different options to industry professionals or stakeholders.

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