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All diagram shapes are easy to modify
from deck Change Management Models Diagram - Infographic PowerPoint Template

All diagram shapes are easy to modify

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide communicates that diagram shapes within the presentation can be easily modified. The points mention that elements are fully editable, including the ability to change texts, icons, adapt colors to brand identity, and resize. It further instructs on how to add or remove diagram elements by ungrouping (using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G), and if necessary, repeating the ungrouping process multiple times for embedded groups.

Graphical Look

  • Three pairs of circular diagram shapes, each demonstrating a transition from one style to another.
  • Each pair of diagrams includes a speech bubble, a location pin with speech bubbles, and a Venn diagram.
  • Arrows between each diagram pair indicate change or modification.
  • Annotated text boxes with drop shadows provide instructions and information about editing the shapes.
  • The color palette consists of blue, green, orange, and grey tones.
  • Diagram shapes have a flat design with simple contour lines.

The overall look of the slide is clean and instructional, with a focus on simplicity and the ability to modify the diagram shapes. The visual elements are well organized and clearly demonstrate the editability of the diagrams.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating the customization capabilities of a presentation template during a sales pitch or product demonstration.
  • Training employees on how to adapt corporate presentation materials to align with brand guidelines.
  • Guiding a team through updating a strategic plan or project roadmap presentation with specific details.
  • Facilitating a workshop where participants need to work with flexible presentation tools to create their own diagrams.

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