Agile Product Release Roadmap PowerPoint Slide
from deck PowerPoint Roadmap Template for Product Strategy Presentation (PPT Tables)

Agile Product Release Roadmap slide content

This is the Agile Product Release Roadmap. This example shows several planned releases of a product divided into three categories: new features, fixes, and marketing with planned releases for each. In the new features, there are several planned releases such as engine upgrades, mobile support, additional features, cloud support, browser support, and desktop integration. API Integration, mobile monitoring, notification push, performance, and cloud integration need some fixing. There are several marketing strategies planned such as SEO, social media, newsletter, and new partnerships. You can download this PowerPoint template on Google Slides and Keynote.

Agile Product Release Roadmap slide infographics:

White Background, Rocket Icon, Launch Icon, Stars Icon, New Feature Icon, Tool Icon, Fixing Icon, Megaphone Icon, Marketing Icon

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