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Adaptability of all diagrams
from deck Value Chain Presentation Diagrams (PPT Template)

All Diagram Shapes Are Easy to Modify

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide showcases the flexibility and editability of diagram shapes within a presentation. It emphasizes that all shapes in the diagram can be easily modified, which includes alterations like changing texts, icons, adapting colors to match a specific brand style, resizing, ungrouping, duplication, or the removal of items. The slide contains two diagrams: one in grayscale on the left side representing unmodified diagram shapes, and one in color on the right side representing the customized and editable versions. Each diagram includes labels such as "Firm Infrastructure," "HR Management," "Technology Development," "Procurement," "Inbound Logistics," "Operations," "Outbound Logistics," "Marketing and Sales," and "Service," indicating different business areas that might be represented in the diagrams.

Graphical Look

  • The layout consists of two main visual elements: a grayscale diagram on the left and a color diagram on the right.
  • The grayscale diagram features a three-dimensional perspective layout with seven labeled components, each paired with a unique icon.
  • The color diagram mirrors the layout of the left side but with vibrant colors, adding visual depth and highlighting the editability aspect.
  • Both diagrams are connected by two chevron arrows pointing towards the color diagram, symbolizing transformation or upgrade.
  • On the right side, there is a bright green banner with white text stating "Fully editable," which coincides with the slide's main message.
  • Below the banner, there's a purple strip that summarizes the key features such as changing texts, icons, adapting colors, and more.
  • The slide utilizes a mix of sans-serif fonts for textual content, providing a modern and clean appearance.

The PowerPoint slide displays a visually balanced composition, using a symmetrical layout that contrasts an unmodified version with an editable version. The use of color effectively draws attention to the customizable aspects of the diagram shapes.

Use Cases

  • During a business meeting to demonstrate the flexibility of a proposal 's visual components.
  • In a marketing presentation, to show how branding elements can be incorporated into standard diagrams.
  • For a training session on how to use presentation software and customize templates.
  • When presenting a project plan, to illustrate how the components of the plan can be tailored to meet specific needs.

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