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Design Thinking Actions PPT Slide
from deck Design Thinking Process Diagrams (PPT Template)

Slide content:

This is an infographic slide with a design thinking actions diagram. In the inspiration process, we are showing empathy – understanding the target user, along with describing what the user needs. In the ideation process, we ideate a general solution and try to be creative. Then, we create draft prototypes of ideas. And lastly, during the implementation process, we are doing a test – presenting a prototype, and getting feedback. After all these phases are finished, we have the final product. We have presented this information with a diagram, to help your audience understand the whole process as mutually dependent, along with vivid colors, to help them distinguish each process. You can edit the graphics (e.g. changing the colors with your company logo, etc.), and resize the shapes as you find fit. Video instructions included.

Slide infographic description:

Diagram, Color Coding, Line Vectors, Touch Points, Flat Outline Icons, Brain Interaction Icon Vector, Pinned Map Icon, Head Gear Icon, Creation Icon, Magnifying Glass Icon

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