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The 7 R's of Sustainability PowerPoint Presentation
from deck Circular Economy and Sustainability Diagrams (PPT Template)

This slide shows the 7 Rs of sustainability. Under each step, there is a space for a short description where you can add your thoughts, comments, or concerns. The 7 Rs of sustainability are: recover, redesign, recycle, reuse, reduce, renovate, and repair. These steps are actions that are to be taken in order to achieve a circular economy, better waste management, and decisions to take toward a more sustainable life. All the shapes are editable and resizable, without any quality loss. You can download this slide and open it in Google Slides and Keynote also. Learn more about the circular economy flow on Wikipedia.

Slide infographic description:

Circle Diagram, Flat Style Outline Icons, Recycling Icon, Renovating Icon, Renovate Icon, Repair Hammer Icon, Reuse Icon, Scissors Icon, Pencil Writing Icon, Arrow Exit Outbox Icon, Editable Vectors

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