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Example of the curved roadmap diagram illustrated with 6 items
from deck Business Growth & Development Template (PPT diagrams)

Roadmap Growth Diagram (6 items, curvy path, colorful)

Slide Content:

This slide portrays a vibrant and dynamic growth roadmap, broken down into six distinct stages: "01 – Idea," "02 – Research," "03 – Development," "04 – Review," "05 – Product," and "06 – Feedback." Each phase is crucial to the lifecycle of a project or product, beginning with the conception of an idea, followed by thorough research, the development phase where the idea begins to materialize, a review process for quality assurance, the final product stage, and finally, the collection of feedback for future improvements.

Graphical Look:

  • A curvy, brown path that snakes across the slide, connecting six circular nodes.
  • Each node is filled with a number and corresponding leaf icon, increasing from 1 to 6.
  • The nodes are connected by the path which loops around each node, emphasizing continuity.
  • Colorful banner-like text boxes in teal, blue, green, grey, lime green, and purple are adjacent to each node for text insertion.

The numbers within the nodes are encircled by a thin line, with the color matching the adjacent text box. The overall design is colorful and engaging, using a mix of cool and warm tones to differentiate the stages on the roadmap. The use of a winding path suggests flexibility and continuous development.

Use Cases:

  • In strategic planning meetings to outline the stages of business growth or project development.
  • For product development presentations to show the journey from ideation to market feedback.
  • In educational settings to teach the process of systematic project execution.
  • During team briefings to review progress and plan next steps in a project timeline.

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