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Example of the roadmap diagram with curved path
from deck Business Growth & Development Template (PPT diagrams)

Roadmap Growth Diagram - 4 items

Slide Content:

The slide is designed to represent a growth roadmap, detailing the progression of a project or product from inception to completion. It consists of four sequential stages: "01 – Idea," where initial concepts are generated; "02 – Development," where those ideas begin to take shape; "03 – Review," where the developments are evaluated and refined; and "04 – Product," which represents the final, market-ready outcome. Each stage is meant to be described in the text placeholders provided.

Graphical Look:

  • A curvy, grey path that interconnects four different stages, creating a visual flow from left to right.
  • Each stage is marked by a circular node with a leaf icon inside, symbolizing growth, and a number indicating the sequence.
  • Colored banner-like text boxes adjacent to each node, varying in shades of blue, where text can be added.
  • The nodes are connected by a path that curves around each point, emphasizing the idea of progression and development.

The overall design is sleek and modern, using a path with nodes to effectively represent a development journey. The use of cold colors and clean lines gives the slide a professional and polished appearance.

Use Cases:

  • To illustrate the timeline of a project from concept to launch in business strategy meetings.
  • As a visual aid in product development discussions to outline key milestones.
  • For presentations to investors, detailing the stages of company growth or product maturation.
  • In educational settings, to explain the step-by-step process of bringing an idea to fruition.

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