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Example of the four-categories product development roadmap
from deck PowerPoint Roadmap Template for Product Strategy Presentation (PPT Tables)

Product Development Roadmap Template—4 Categories

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled 'Product Development Roadmap Template—4 Categories' is organized to present a strategic plan outlining the future product development initiatives of a company. It is divided into four categories, each supposed to be tailored with specific details. Each category could represent a phase, feature set, or aspect of the development pipeline and is marked by a quarterly time frame (QX 20XX). Adequate space is provided to add descriptive text for each element within the quarters, allowing for a detailed roadmap layout.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a clear, white color, ensuring that the other elements stand out.
  • The title of the slide is displayed at the top in bold, dark blue text, making it prominent.
  • There are four vertical columns, one for each development category, each headed with "QX 20XX" to represent different quarters.
  • Each column is color-coded: dark blue, light blue, gray, and dark gray, for easy differentiation.
  • The columns contain multiple rows with rounded rectangles for text entry; the colors within a single column alternate to enhance readability.
  • There are icons like a rocket, a star, an exclamation mark, and a checkmark, associated with some text boxes, suggesting they represent specific types of milestones or updates.
  • Each box has a placeholder text "Your text here" suggesting where to input specific information.

The slide is designed for clarity and organization, encouraging the viewer to focus on the temporal progression of the development plan. It uses contrast effectively through color-coding and alternates text box colors to keep the information distinct and easy to follow.

Use Cases

  • Laying out the schedule for upcoming product releases and updates in a company-wide meeting.
  • Presenting to stakeholders to showcase the company's strategic initiatives and planned product enhancements.
  • Using in a workshop setting where teams collaborate to plan and synchronize development efforts across departments.
  • Exhib iting for prospective investors or board members to provide a visual representation of the product strategy and development cycle.

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