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3V big data triple puzzle diagram powerpoint icon
from deck Creative Big Data Diagrams (PPT Template)

3V of Big Data Explained – 3 Pieces Puzzle

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents the concept of Big Data through a "3 Pieces Puzzle" analogy, focusing on the foundational 'Three Vs': Volume, Variety, and Velocity. 'Volume' refers to the large size of data sets ranging from terabytes to petabytes. 'Variety' signifies the diverse sources and types of data like social media, machine-to-machine (M2M), and both structured and unstructured data. 'Velocity' indicates the rapid rate of data generation, changes, and processing. Each V in the puzzle piece is color-coded and coordinated with associated explanations to facilitate understanding.

Graphical Look

  • A central graphic of a three-piece jigsaw puzzle in vibrant colors: blue for "Data Volume", yellow for "Data Variety", and pink for "Data Velocity".
  • Three circular icons aligned to the right of the puzzle, each representing the three Vs, with a "V" and corresponding pieces of the jigsaw puzzle depicted inside.
  • Each icon is paired with a text box that provides a brief definition of its corresponding term (Volume, Variety, Velocity).
  • The puzzle pieces and circular icons are set against a blue abstract background with a subtle geometric pattern.
  • The icons and text boxes have a subtle shadow effect, giving a slight 3D appearance to the graphics.
  • The slide utilizes a consistent color scheme, with hues matching those of the puzzle pieces to signify the relationship between the icons and their respective puzzle component.

The slide presents a clean and modern design, using color coordination and simple graphics for visual reinforcement of the concepts. The use of puzzles and icons enables straightforward communication of complex data concepts.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the basic principles of Big Data in an educational or training session.
  • Introducing Big Data concepts during a business meeting or a pitch to emphasize the importance of understanding data complexities.
  • Incorporating in a digital transformation presentation to illustrate the critical aspects that organizations must consider when handling large data sets.
  • Using as a visual aid in a conference or seminar when discussing the challenges and considerations for Big Data analytics and infrastructure needs.

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