Financial Decks

Financial Decks

Visualize your results with ease

2x2 Dashboard Slide Layout

Slide Content

The slide presents a 2x2 Dashboard Slide Layout which includes 2 columns, 2 rows, comparison data charts, and tables for detailed numeric values. There are two bar charts, each corresponding to a different set of data over three months comparing 'Target' versus 'Actual' values. In addition, each chart is accompanied by a table below it, listing various financial figures such as 'Current Assets', 'Cash', 'Accounts receivable', 'Inventory', and 'Prepaid Expenses' along with their respective numeric values.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a professional color palette with shades of blue and orange for the charts and a light gray for table headers and footers.
  • Two horizontal bar charts, each with two bars per month for three months—colors differentiate 'Target' (blue) and 'Actual' (orange).
  • Two tables located under each chart with a gray header containing placeholders for text.
  • Numbers above the bars on the charts indicate the quantitative value associated with each.
  • Text placeholders for inserting a header above each chart and each table, as well as for a concluding comment or summary below the tables.

The overall look is clean and corporate, geared towards easy comparison of data over time with a focus on clarity and straightforward presentation.

Use Cases

  • To showcase financial performance metrics, comparing actual results against targets in monthly business reviews.
  • For management meetings to discuss departmental or project budgets and expenditure tracking.
  • In sales presentations when comparing sales targets to actual sales figures over a period.
  • Using it as part of a larger business plan or proposal to visually represent financial forecasts and achievements.

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