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Teacher Presentations

Teacher Presentations for Education and Training Professionals

The role of a teacher is not limited to teaching a topic during the class. A teacher’s work continues well outside the classroom while preparing for a class, creating new material for the students, and improving their skills with new teaching methods. Adding assessments and administrative work to that list keeps teachers pretty busy during the week.

Regardless of the level you teach, inspiring your students to learn and keeping them motivated is a common challenge shared by fellow teachers. If you are looking for engaging and easy-to-understand PowerPoint or Google Slides templates for teachers, you have come to the right place.

We provide additional discounts for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations to support education, and activism efforts. So, please feel free to get in touch and let us help you out with your presentations.

Here are some popular teacher presentations so you can train your audience or teach your students like a champion with PowerPoint. Every template is easy to edit, so you can adapt them to multiple topics and audiences.

The Webinar slide deck is a nice tool to use as an interactive PPT template for teaching or training. Especially if you are teaching remotely. You can easily structure your class with the pre-designed content, use the Q & A and multi-choice slides for questions, highlight the critical facts with colorful diagrams, summarize your data or statistics with charts, and explain various processes with timelines.

Have an outline of your curriculum, or a subject of your choice with an Agenda presentation template. You can illustrate a plan or adapt the diagrams to your own topic to talk about various processes or timelines.

Create fun and eye-catching slides with our Flat Icons or Hand Drawn Icons. Choose the modern flat style or go for a creative look with the hand-drawn style. These bundles have an ample supply of visuals from educational to business topics you can use with countless presentation topics.

If you are training your students, your staff, or a third party for public speaking, you can use the Presentation Training PowerPoint Template. The deck is a helpful training toolbox for the fundamentals to improve presentation skills such as speaker qualities, content types, audiences, and the presentation environment.