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Internal Auditor Presentation Templates

A Selection of PPT Templates for Internal Auditor

Responsibilities of an Internal Auditor

Internal audit is the key element within the company to ensure the internal company procedures are clearly defined, understood and met. The person in charge - Internal Auditor, is responsible for making sure the employees understand and follow these procedures.

One of the Internal Auditor’s responsibilities that require sound judgment is the examination of documents for potential correction and improvement. And for reporting the findings back to management, excellent communication and presentation skills matter.

A number of other major responsibilities are:

  • Preparing financial reports,
  • Presentations that demonstrate audits results,
  • Identification of potential risks and communicating them to the management and employees,
  • Performing Due Diligence audits,
The way Internal Auditor identifies, assess and present the above-mentioned data can have a tremendous impact on the situation of the company.

Presentation support for Internal Audit tasks

For proper presenting results of auditing work, use features offered in presentation software such as PowerPoint. You can easily embed financial report tables from MS Excel, add text commentaries and illustrate business processes. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to:
  • Effectively present your findings,
  • Develop and present a plan for internal audit,
  • Make sure employees understand the importance of following the company’s internal procedures,
  • Report audit results,
  • Ensure clear and memorable communication with top management is maintained,
we’ve created a collection of PPT templates with a variety of icons, styles and colours that can easily be modified as per your preferences to help you excel it the topics such as Due Diligence, Financial Reports, Annual Budget, Stakeholder Analysis, Finance data - Charts and Org Charts.

If you’re running out of time, but don’t want to compromise the visual quality of your presentation, consider using those templates and graphics for improving your work.

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