Data Reporting PowerPoint Templates for Data Analyst

Are you working on a data report presentation? We have collected a set of PowerPoint templates that can help the work of data analysts in preparing reports and presenting the results of analytical work.
You can find here a template for various areas of data analytics.
  • For the initial analysis of a problem, where you need to present available data sources, there are data types icons for illustrating various data formats, sources and structures.
  • You can reuse the dashboard layouts made in PowerPoint, using Excel charts organized in slide layout, for cases where your presentation contains scorecard slides presenting multiple values and charts.
  • For reporting the effects of various digital campaigns on e-commerce traffic, you can reuse the website traffic data analysis report, including predefined data charts. You just need to edit the underlying data, all charts are data-driven based on an Excel table.
  • If you want to show data charts in an unusual way, check Creative data chart designs e.g. Gauges, or unique Pie charts and Bar chart graphics.
Using a PowerPoint gives you freedom of easy modification and adapting the presentation to your branding. Feel free to reuse the same template several times for new data values.