Best PowerPoint templates for a Data Privacy Officer

Are you dealing with data privacy issues in your organization? Planning and evaluating procedures handling information flow inside a company can be a pretty complex task. You can benefit a lot by using visuals to present your work, enrich your PowerPoint slides with a consistent set of illustrations, and explain processes in form of flowcharts. We put together a set of PowerPoint templates with graphics you can use to communicate data privacy topics in a professional way. Using PowerPoint gives you flexibility and this tool is pretty easy to use. See the proposed templates - with various data privacy concept symbols, infographics explaining regulations such as GDPR, involving personal data classification, and current legal regulations e.g. present in European Union. However, you can easily adapt them to your market, be it California data protection law or another version of such privacy compliance in your area. The suggested templates contain also editable diagrams showing corporate organization structures and processes. You can use them to illustrate your company infrastructure and present data security standards.
Using a PowerPoint template format lets you construct or modify schemas in a simple intuitive way. You know how to work with PowerPoint shapes. PPT format of slides can be imported easily to Google Slides or Keynote software if that is a presentation tool you use.