Business Markets

We proudly present our selection of business presentation templates fully editable in PowerPoint both on Windows and Mac.

Our intention is to provide easy to use visuals to make clear and simple business presentations rich in visuals and diagrams. Visual presentations are appealing to an audience and make communication more effective.
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A collection of reusable presentations for supply chain, logistics and transport industry. You can find here

  • whole editable diagrams for SCM processes
  • icon symbols of various air, sea or land transport
  • pictograms of all SCM parts, from production, distribution to retail and consumption

These sets allow you to easily design and show your global transport routes in your slides. All are PowerPoint / Keynote editable.

In these presentation graphics you can find slides with

  • supply chain symbols and schemas such as Production, Storage, Distribution, Delivery, Retail, Consumption
  • Icons of various transport vehicles
  • Location pins for maps, buildings symbols
  • Plus extra unique handdrawn logistics i
If you lack anything, write to us. We gladly will design a new icon for you.
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Maps and Economics

In this category, you will find inspiration how to visualise economic data for countries and regions.

We are providing you all required maps, flags and even data from Eurostat. We have slide decks with maps editable in PowerPoint for continents: Africa, South America, North America, Europe. We have also world map for PowerPoint to present global data and locations. If you need a map of United States for your presentation we have it as well. As an extra you will get map of Mexico and map of Canada.
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This is a collection of our industry specific icons and diagrams. We have added usage examples for your inspiration.

If you miss anything please contact us using question mark icon on the bottom. We are constantly expanding the scope of industries covered by our slide decks. All presentation templates, icons, and diagrams are fully editable in PowerPoint in terms of size, color without losing quality and sharpness of edges. These presentations were prepared with cooperation between graphic designers and industry experts who contributed with their know how. Industries this category covers:
  • supply chain management, logistics, and transport
  • Ecology, recycling, and green energy
  • Energy
  • Financial
  • Agriculture
  • Production
  • Big data and data mining
and more. If you have any specific needs let us know and we will produce new packages.
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