Plastic Consumption Statistics - Plastic Waste Statistics Template
from deck Plastic Pollution & Waste Infographics (PPT Template)

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The Plastic Consumption Statistics PPT Slide shows where the plastics we consume come from. The PowerPoint Template shows that in general, bottled water contains 22 times more microplastics than tap water. However, about 130,000 particles per year are consumed by adults drinking from plastic bottles, and approximately 4,000 particles per year are consumed by adults drinking from tap water. You can use this presentation to show the danger of plastic pollution, and the damage it does to landfills and oceans. You can use this plastic waste statistics slide if you want to invite your company to take action against plastic production and invite your employees to find solutions to fight plastic pollution. One of the solutions might be to encourage a cleanup campaign, where employees can pick up all types of plastic such as water bottles that are accumulated on the streets and ocean shore. Another solution is putting up recycling bins to encourage employees to recycle their plastic. If all companies follow these small initiatives, tons of plastic will be removed from the streets and oceans. You can download these slides in HQ in different formats such as Google Slides and/or Keynote.

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