Gap Analysis Template Example - For Business Cases, Reports etc | Export to Excel, PDF Format + more!
from deck Business Case Presentation (PPT Template)

This example slide shows a gap analysis chart. You use a gap analysis template to show you might improve the current state to the desired state using an action plan i.e. this process can help your current performance and achieve strategic goals or objectives. This tool can be used as a part of a business case presentation, gap analysis reports, project management meetings, added to dashboards, perform strategy presentations, employee resources e.g. as a skills gap analysis template, annual reports, status updates, competitive analyses, explaining or defining what a gap analysis is e.g. during a training presentation, use to determine, identify, discuss, or document with your team or managers how to prepare & factor in tasks, dates & schedules; etc etc etc. All elements are fully editable, and icons come in a vector graphic format. Customize visuals to match your corporate palette, export to Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF, or change text & data e.g. prices.

Slide contents:

Gap Analysis PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, 3 Column Analysis Table, Placeholder Text, Line Graphics, Hexagon Shapes, Downward Trend Icon, Plan Icon, Upward Trend Icon, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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