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Yearly timeline with flight trajectory line graphics
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Yearly Timeline – Flight Trajectory Line Graphics

Slide Content

The slide presents a timeline with hexagonal markers indicating yearly milestones, each accompanied by a text box for additional information. These hexagons are connected by a dashed line, suggesting a flight or journey. This timeline metaphor implies progression over time, with each year potentially representing an important event or achievement. The alternating colors of the markers serve to distinguish one year from another, providing a visual means of organizing information.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a clean white.
  • The title of the slide uses a bold, blue sans-serif font,
  • There are six hexagonal-shaped icons evenly spaced in a horizontal line across the center of the slide.
  • Each hexagon is connected by a dashed gray line, resembling a flight trajectory or journey path.
  • The hexagons have different colors: turquoise, green, orange, purple, gray, and blue.
  • Each hexagon is labeled with "20XX," indicating a placeholder for a year.
  • There are six text boxes, one associated with each hexagon, providing a space for descriptions.
  • An icon of an airplane is placed at the end of the trajectory line on the right side, further emphasizing the flight or travel theme.

The slide design is modern and visually engaging, with a color palette that's both professional and vibrant. The trajectory theme alongside the hexagons adds a sense of motion and progress throughout the timeline.

Use Cases

  • To outline major milestones and achievements for a company over several years.
  • To illustrate the planned phases of a project from start to finish with approximate yearly targets.
  • To provide a visual summary of past events or future goals in company annual meetings.
  • To showcase a roadmap of product development in investor presentations.

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