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Year plan 2021

Slide Content

The provided slide outlines a year plan for 2021 with a timeline indicating the duration of four distinct projects. Each project is represented by a colored horizontal arrow spanning different months, implying the projects' start and end dates. Project 1 in teal spans from January to approximately mid-May, illustrating a longer-term undertaking. Project 2 in purple extends from April to mid-June, indicating a project of moderate length. Project 3 in green starts at the end of May and continues until early August, while Project 4 in orange starts in late September and ends at the close of November, both showing relatively shorter initiatives compared to Project 1.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is white, creating a clean and simple canvas for the content.
  • At the top, a large bold header in dark gray reads "Year plan 2021".
  • Below the header, a grid representing the calendar year shows the months from January to December on the vertical axis and the dates from 1 to 31 on the horizontal axis.
  • Each project is represented by an elongated arrow with differently colored fills (teal, purple, green, and orange) pointing rightward, each labeled with "Project" followed by a number.
  • The arrows vary in length, denoting the time span of the respective projects.
  • There is a light gray column separating the year 2021 from the dates, and light gray lines demarcate the individual days and months on the grid.

The overall design is minimalistic with a clear emphasis on visual communication of project timelines. The use of different colors for each project arrow allows for easy differentiation and a visually appealing representation of the year's schedule.

Use Cases

  • Planning and overview presentation for company-wide meetings, to provide a visual representation of the annual strategic plan.
  • Progress tracking during project management meetings, offering an at-a-glance update on multifaceted initiatives.
  • Portfolio update presentations for stakeholders or management teams to illustrate the timeline of ongoing and future projects.
  • Educational settings, such as teaching project management or planning concepts, using the slide as a visual aid to explain timeline planning and coordination across multiple projects.

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