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World Maps: Continents, Countries, Population, Transport icons
from deck World Maps: Continents, Countries, Population, Transport icons

USA — States

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a map of the United States divided into individual states, including Alaska and Hawaii, indicating that each state and region can be edited individually. The title notes that it includes the contiguous United States plus the non-contiguous regions of Alaska and Hawaii. This indicates that the slide is likely designed for presentations that require a detailed and customizable display of the U.S. map for various data visualization purposes.

Graphical Look

  • A large, central map of the contiguous United States, color-coded in uniform blue, takes up the majority of the slide.
  • To the left, Alaska and Hawaii are presented in separate, smaller inset maps, consistent in style and color with the main map.
  • Each state is delineated by borders within the main map, indicating they are individual objects.
  • To the right of the main map, an arrow-shaped banner with the text "Each region is fully editable" provides information about the functionality of the maps.
  • The color scheme is minimal, with a predominantly blue palette for the maps and a contrasting orange for the banner.
  • The maps are presented with a modern, clean aesthetic, with a flat design style and no extraneous details.
  • There is sufficient white space around the maps and text elements, contributing to a balanced composition.

The slide has a professional and clean design with a clear focus on the maps. The use of color is restrained, with emphasis through contrast to draw attention to the editable feature of the regions.

Use Cases

  • Presenting geographical data such as sales distribution, population statistics, or regional performance during business meetings.
  • Customizing the map in educational settings to teach about U.S. geography or history.
  • Using the slide for election coverage presentations, highlighting different states and their voting patterns or results.
  • Tailoring the map for logistics and operations plans, showing distribution routes, warehouses, and branch locations across the country.

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