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World map with marked company offices and text description
from deck Stock Financial Annual Report (PPT Template)

Geographic Global Presence – World Map of Company Offices

Slide Content

The slide exhibits a global overview of a company's office presence using a world map as a backdrop. Various cities are pinpointed with colored markers to differentiate current and planned locations. The markers are connected to text boxes indicating the city names—Los Angeles, Panama, Berlin, Cairo, Tokyo, and a planned office in Rio de Janeiro. Additional descriptors can be associated with each location to provide further details, such as the size of the office, local management, or specific roles and functions of each office in the company's global structure.

Graphical Look

  • A muted world map serves as the background filling the entire slide.
  • Colored markers are placed over specific geographical locations on the map, symbolizing office sites.
  • Five colored circles: orange, green, purple, blue, and teal, are each associated with a city name.
  • A blue hexagon with a building icon inside it is connected by a line to a marker on Rio de Janeiro, indicating a planned office.
  • Lines extend from each city marker to text boxes where a description can be written.
  • Each description box has a colored border matching the associated city marker.
  • The visual style used in the slide is minimalistic and clear, employing flat design elements.

The slide is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, effectively communicating the geographic spread of corporate offices using a color-coded system against a global map. Its minimalistic design emphasizes the information portrayed and enhances readability.

Use Cases

  • Showcasing a company's international reach during corporate presentations or investor relations meetings.
  • Planning and discussing global expansion strategies in a board meeting or strategic planning session.
  • Onboarding new employees, to provide them with an understanding of the company's global footprint.
  • Marketing materials aiming to demonstrate the company's international presence to potential clients or partners.

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