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Marketing Calendar 2024 - Holidays and Observances

Slide Content

The slide presents a marketing calendar for the year 2024, focusing on major holidays and observances from December through May, with an additional note on future months' holidays. Listed events range from cultural and religious celebrations like Hanukkah and Easter to federal holidays such as Presidents Day and Memorial Day. Each month is represented by a column containing bullet points that specify the date and name of each holiday or observance.

Graphical Look

  • Title in bold, large font at the top of the slide.
  • Five main columns, each representing a month from December to May.
  • The columns have a light blue header with the month's name in white text.
  • Each column contains bullet points listing holidays with corresponding dates.
  • Icons and a sticky note graphic punctuate the text, adding visual interest.
  • Icons represent themes related to the months or holidays: a Santa hat for December, a snowflake for January, a heart for February, a flower for March, an Easter egg for April, and a figure with a child for May.
  • A lighter grey section spans across the bottom, listing additional future months and their significant holidays.
  • Neutral color tones with contrasting blue and grey accents.

The slide's design is clean and professional, using a combination of text and symbolic icons to convey information effectively. The use of color highlights and separates different sections for ease of viewing.

Use Cases

  • Planning marketing campaigns around major holidays and observances.
  • A resource for team meetings to discuss seasonal sales strategies.
  • An outline for content creation tied to specific holidays for social media and advertising.
  • Supporting logistics and operations planning in anticipation of holiday-related business activities.

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