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Whiteboard: dichotomic two options comparison horizontal split
from deck Online Meeting Outline Slide-deck (PPT Template)

Whiteboard: Dichotomic Two Options Comparison

Slide Content

The slide is designed to compare two different options in a clear and straightforward manner. "Option 1" is represented at the top portion of the slide, suggesting a first choice or scenario to be considered. Below a dividing dotted line, "Option 2" is placed, indicating an alternative or second option for comparison. Each option is encapsulated within a distinctive colored border, aiding in distinguishing between the two.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a pale gray, providing a neutral canvas for the content.
  • At the top, "Option 1" is within a light blue outlined tag-shaped box, suggesting it is a selectable item.
  • A dotted line divides the slide horizontally, serving as a visual separator between the options.
  • "Option 2" is housed in a similar tag-shaped box as "Option 1", but with a green outline, positioned at the lower part of the slide.
  • A scale icon is presented in a hexagonal shape with a light blue outline, located on the right side of the slide, which possibly signifies weighing or balancing the two options.

The overall design is minimalistic and business-like, focusing on functionality over decoration. The use of space and icons is intended to facilitate an easy understanding of comparison between two choices.

Use Cases

  • To display the pros and cons of two competing business strategies during a management meeting.
  • When presenting different product features to potential clients to illustrate the benefits of each.
  • In a workshop or training session to analyze and discuss two approaches or solutions to a problem.
  • While summarizing research findings that involve two distinct groups or categories for stakeholders.

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