Weekly OKR performance review template for five key results
from deck OKR Objectives and Key Results Performance Review (PPT Template)

Weekly OKR Performance Review Template – 5 Key Results Table

Slide Content:

The slide is a template for weekly monitoring of OKR performance, focusing on five key results. Each key result has a placeholder for initial data ("Start") and spaces for weekly progress updates across "Week 1," "Week 2," and "Week 3," followed by an "Evaluation" column. A "Summary Title Here" section is provided for overarching observations or conclusions, facilitating a comprehensive review of objectives and results.

Graphical Look:

  • A blue vertical banner on the left with a descending arrow, indicating the flow of steps or stages.
  • Five horizontal rows in varying shades (dark blue to green), each labeled for a key result with percentage placeholders.
  • A table with grey cells for weekly entries and a lighter column for evaluations.
  • The rightmost column in teal with a checkmark icon for summarizing OKR performance.
  • Icons representing different aspects of business (e.g., a line graph) at the top of the blue banner.

The slide uses a color-coded design to differentiate between the stages of OKR review, with a clear layout for data entry and summary, creating an efficient and visually appealing tracking tool.

Use Cases:

This slide would be utilized in business meetings focused on performance tracking, particularly for teams reviewing weekly progress toward strategic goals. It's well-suited for project management, performance reviews, or any scenario that requires regular updates on key results.

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