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Website / webapp basic navigation

Slide Content

The slide presents icons related to basic website or web application navigation. Each icon is paired with a brief description of its function: "Home page / topmost level" typically directs the user to the main page of the website; "Menu" signifies the navigation menu for accessing various sections; "View step" suggests going back to a previous view or progressing to the next one within a sequential process; "Back / previous, up, forward / next and down by shape rotation" indicates directional navigation, such as moving back and forth between pages or views.

Graphical Look

  • Three pairs of circular icons with white symbols on a blue background and their inverses below for dark backgrounds
  • Each circular icon is accompanied by a text description directly underneath it
  • The icons at the top row represent a house, three horizontal lines, and a left-pointing arrow respectively
  • The bottom row shows the dark background versions of these icons, in white on a dark blue background
  • Text labels below the bottom row indicate the icons are "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema"
  • The slide has a blue background with a darker blue strip spanning the bottom
  • The icons and text are arranged in a grid pattern, with three circular icons at the top and three inverted color scheme icons beneath

The slide has a clean, modern, and professional appearance, utilizing a common blue and white color scheme. It is visually organized in a way that clearly categorizes the icons and their corresponding explanations.

Use Cases

  • Presenting website design elements in a web development or design meeting
  • Incorporating as part of a user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) training session
  • Utilizing in a pitch to clients to showcase navigational elements of a proposed website or application
  • Including in a digital marketing presentation to explain the functionality of website navigation to non-technical stakeholders

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