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Website Users by Devices Type

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Website Users by Devices Type" provides an analysis of the trend in device usage, specifically comparing mobile, PC, and tablet. The slide shows a trend line for each device category over the years 2017 to 2019. The mobile trend line exhibits a significant upward trajectory, illustrating its increasing dominance. The PC trend line displays a moderate decline, signifying its reduced role. The tablet trend exhibits a slight decrease over time, indicating a marginal drop in its usage. Additionally, there's a pie chart labeled "Average usage" which quantifies the percentage distribution among the three device types—mobile, PC, and tablet—with mobile being the most used at 52%.

Graphical Look

  • A trend line chart with three separate colored lines representing "Mobile," "PC," and "Tablet."
  • The "Mobile" line is depicted in a bright blue color and has an upward trend.
  • The "PC" line is in a subdued orange color, with a generally downward trend.
  • The "Tablet" line is presented in a muted purple color, showing a slight downward trend.
  • A pie chart on the right side illustrates the "Average usage" of devices.
  • The chart uses contrasting colors—blue for mobile, orange for PC, and purple for Tablet—to match the trend lines.
  • The percentages are clearly labeled on the chart (52% blue for mobile, 35% orange for PC, and 13% split between tablet and other categories).
  • A white circle is in the center of the pie chart labeled "Average usage."
  • Text boxes under each category of the trend line chart are color-coded to correspond with the respective device's line color and carry an icon representing the device.
  • All text is legible with ample white space around elements for easy reading and a clean appearance.

The slide uses contrasting colors and clear visual elements to distinguish between device types and their usage trends. The design is modern and clean, with a professional look suitable for business and analytical presentations.

Use Cases

  • Presenting web analytics data in a company meeting to discuss website performance and user engagement across different platforms.
  • Demonstrating market trends in device usage at a tech conference, highlighting the shift towards mobile devices over time.
  • Showing usage statistics during a sales pitch to potential advertisers or investors, emphasizing where the audience is most engaged.
  • Including in a digital marketing strategy presentation to justify the allocation of resources towards mobile optimization and advertising.

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