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Popular activities in the web

Slide Content

The slide presents four popular activities that people engage with online, each accompanied by a circle containing a representative icon. "Video games" is depicted by a game controller, suggesting gaming is a frequent online activity. "Shopping" is shown with a shopping basket icon, illustrating the prevalence of e-commerce. "Weather forecast" features cloud and sun icons, indicating that checking weather online is commonplace. "News" is symbolized by a newspaper icon, highlighting the engagement with current events online.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and modern design with a blue and white color scheme.
  • There are four large circular shapes, each with a white icon inside, representing different web activities against a deep blue background.
  • Underneath each circle is a caption in white text indicating the activity the icon represents.
  • The lower part of the slide shows smaller versions of the icons in white against varying shades of blue squares, pointing to different background color options.
  • To the right of the smaller icons, there is text indicating that the elements are fully editable and can adjust to different color schemes.

The overall look is professional and visually appealing, using icons and color contrast effectively to convey the message. The design is unified and easily digestible, with a clear focus on the icons and text.

Use Cases

  • To highlight the most common online activities during a digital marketing presentation.
  • In discussions about user behavior on the internet in a business strategy meeting.
  • To introduce a web platform's features by showcasing the activities it supports during a product demonstration.
  • For educational purposes in a workshop or seminar about internet usage trends.

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