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Web services and app connectivity illustration slide
from deck IT Icons: Mobile & Smart Devices, Computer & Telecom Networks (PPT Template)

Web Services & App Connectivity illustration template

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Web Services & App Connectivity illustration template" and appears to cover two main topics: "Application Sharing" and "Wireless access types." Under Application Sharing, it lists areas such as Shopping, Lifestyle, Communication, Entertainment, suggesting different purposes or categories for sharing applications. For Wireless access types, items mentioned include Remote Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, Direct, pointing to various connectivity methods or technologies used for web services and app interaction.

Graphical Look

  • In the top section of the slide, there are seven circular icons, each with a different color and symbol, arranged in a row.
  • Each icon represents a different category of application service, such as shopping or gaming.
  • Below the row of icons, a bold title "Application Sharing" is present, followed by examples "Shopping, Lifestyle, Communication, Entertainment..." in a lighter font.
  • The bottom section of the slide features another set of four circular icons, also in varying colors, focused on connectivity.
  • Underneath these icons, "Wireless access types" is written in bold, with examples "Remote Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, Direct..." following in a lighter font.
  • The background of the slide is white, with a title in a large, bold font at the top and two text placeholders below each section of icons for further description.

The slide has a clean, modern look with flat design icons that are brightly colored to capture attention. The division of the slide into two concept areas allows for a straightforward presentation of information.

Use Cases

  • To present an overview of different types of web services and connectivity options in a tech company's internal meeting.
  • As part of a pitch to potential investors or partners highlighting the range of services or connection methods a new app offers.
  • In an educational or training context to introduce and explain the concepts of application sharing and wireless connectivity.
  • During a webinar or online tutorial, as a visual aid to discuss the current trends in digital services and their integration across platforms.

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