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Smartart Graphics for 5 items, placed cascade downwards
from deck Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)

Pointy Rectangles List - 5 items, cascade downward

Slide Content

The slide presents a "Pointy Rectangles List" with 5 items, cascading downwards, each titled "Your headline" followed by a placeholder "Put your text here." This suggests the slide is a template for listing elements or steps in a process, with pointed shapes drawing attention to each item, and space for expansion of each concept.

Graphical Look

  • Dark blue rectangular shapes, each with a right-pointed triangular extension on the left side, creating an arrow effect.
  • White text placeholders on the dark blue shapes for headings and descriptions.
  • A slight drop shadow effect on the shapes to create a sense of depth.
  • Shapes are arranged in a downward cascading or staggered fashion.
  • An icon of a circular design with three interconnected loops, reminiscent of a Celtic knot or a triquetra, at the bottom of the list.

The overall look is clean, modern, and hierarchical, with the visual cascade effect guiding the viewer's eye down the slide. The arrow-like shapes symbolize progression or movement and are spaced well to keep the slide from looking cluttered.

Use Cases

  • Outlining a step-by-step process or workflow in a business presentation.
  • Listing key points or features in a product or a project proposal.
  • Demonstrating a sequence of events or milestones in project management.
  • Using as an agenda or table of contents at the beginning of a presentation to summarize main topics.

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