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Forestry in numbers

Slide Content

The slide presents statistics related to forestry, emphasizing the impact and importance of forests globally. The first fact states that "30% of land area is covered by forests," indicating a substantial portion of the earth's terrestrial area. The second fact highlights that there is an "Annual forest loss of 0.11%," showing a concern for deforestation rates. Additionally, "400 million tones of paper consumed annually" provides insight into the human demand for forest products. Finally, "10% of global energy needs is supplied with fuel wood" suggests the reliance on forests for energy.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark green background with four white-bordered rectangles, evenly placed in a 2x2 grid.
  • Each rectangle contains a large white numeral percentage or figure with a corresponding explanatory text beneath it in smaller white font.
  • Above each numeral, there is a thematic icon in white: the first depicts trees, the second shows a tree being cut, the third is a printer, and the last one is a flame.
  • The texts and numerals are highly contrasted against the dark green background for clear visibility.

The slide uses a simple and professional design with a color scheme and icons relevant to the forestry theme. The layout is clean, and the use of percentages and large figures makes the data immediately prominent and accessible.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating environmental or ecological statistics in a conference presentation.
  • Providing a visual summary of forestry-related data in an educational setting, such as lectures about environmental science.
  • In a business context, to show the sustainability practices or impacts of a company connected to the forestry sector.
  • For NGOs or advocacy groups to visually communicate the state of forests in reports or awareness campaigns.

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