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Index of Icons: Vision, Strategy, Planning, Reward
from deck Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)

Flat Icons – Vision, Strategy, Planning, Reward... (extendable)

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide displays a collection of icons representing various concepts associated with business and strategy. The icons signify ideas such as innovation (lightbulb), strategic decision-making (chess piece), organization and structure (building blocks), observation or analysis (telescope), collaboration (intersecting circles), goal-setting (target), scheduling (calendar), achievement (ribbon), and success (trophy). The text suggests that these icons can be extended, hinting at customization options, and it emphasizes that they are fully editable.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and modern aesthetic with a two-tone background, split diagonally with a darker shade above and a lighter shade below.
  • On the left side, there is a group of eight icons, neatly arranged in two columns; they are monochromatic, using a harmonious purple tone.
  • On the right side, there are five gear-shaped icons with a gradation of colors ranging from yellow to green.
  • The central gear icon is encased within a circular highlight, drawing attention to it.
  • The slide employs flat design for the icons, which means they lack any 3D effects or shadows, giving the slide a sleek and contemporary look.

The slide presents a minimalist and visually appealing design, employing a harmonious color palette and flat iconography that is trendy in modern presentations.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the various components of a company's strategic plan in a business presentation.
  • As a visual aid in a workshop or seminar to discuss topics like innovation, teamwork, and goal achievement.
  • Within a marketing or product development meeting to emphasize key areas of focus.
  • During a company-wide meeting to visually represent organizational values or competencies.

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