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Virtual hosts, networking devices icons: virtual machine, virtual machine
from deck IT Icons: Mobile & Smart Devices, Computer & Telecom Networks (PPT Template)

Virtual Hosts & Networking Devices Icons

Slide Content

The slide titled "Virtual Hosts & Networking Devices Icons" presents a set of stylized graphical icons representing various components of computer networking. The icons depict a virtual machine, which is an emulation of a computer system; a virtual machine host, which provides the underlying physical hardware support for the virtual machines; a router, which directs data between networks; a switch, used for connecting devices within a single network and directing data at the data link layer; a hub, a basic networking device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices; and a bridge, which connects separate network segments.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is designed with a simple and modern aesthetic.
  • There are six icons arranged in two rows, three on top and three at the bottom.
  • Each icon is placed inside a rounded square with a subtle gradient background.
  • Above the icons, there is the slide title in bold, large font size.
  • Subtitles below the icons explain what each one represents.
  • On the right, a vertical panel shows alternative color versions of the icons.
  • The slide utilizes a limited color palette, mainly blue tones, with orange accents.
  • The text on the slide is crisp and legible, with a sans-serif font choice.

The slide uses a clean and minimalist design, ensuring that the focus remains on the icons. The consistent use of shape and colors across the icons contributes to a cohesive and professional appearance.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating the components of a network architecture during an IT infrastructure presentation.
  • Teaching or training sessions about virtualization and networking concepts.
  • Visual aid for a webinar or online course on network technology.
  • Enhancing technical documentation or proposals with visual representations of network devices.

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