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Vertical funnel diagram with five levels
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Vertical Funnel Diagram with 5 Levels

Slide Content

The slide is a representation of a vertical funnel diagram with 5 levels, each of different colors—blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange—implying a progression or flow of information from top to bottom. Adjacent to each funnel level, there is space provided for inserting descriptive text. A header section to the right of the funnel allows summarization or categorization of the entire diagram, ensuring that the theme or topic of discussion is easily identified by viewers.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, focusing attention on the content.
  • A large, bold title text is at the top, serving as the heading for the diagram.
  • The diagram consists of five horizontal funnel shapes, each a different color, ranging from a larger top section in blue, to a smaller bottom section in orange.
  • The funnel shapes have a modern, flat design with smooth curves and pointed tips.
  • Gradient color fills are employed for each funnel section to add depth.
  • Each funnel level has a corresponding text box on the left, connected by a colored line with a circular bullet point.
  • The right side features a larger rectangular text box for the header and smaller boxes for additional content, mirroring the funnel's colors.
  • All text placeholders contain dummy text prompting to 'Write your text here' or 'Your text', encouraging customization.

The overall visual look of the slide is clean and vibrant, with the use of colorful funnel graphics and coordinating text boxes creating a visually appealing and coherent presentation tool.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating sales process stages, where each level represents a different phase from prospecting to closing the deal.
  • Describing project milestones or a step-by-step progression where tasks go from initiation to completion.
  • Visualizing customer journey stages, mapping out the path from awareness to purchase and post-purchase actions.
  • Depicting data filtering or segmentation processes, effectively showing how a large set of data can be narrowed down through various criteria to a specific target group.

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