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Venn Diagram Template of Mission, Vision, and Values | PowerPoint Template Slides
from deck Vision Mission Presentation Template (PPT Diagrams)

This slide shows a 3-part Venn diagram to describe company's vision, mission, and values. You could use this PowerPoint template to help accomplish your mission in order to try and meet your vision, communicate effectively to clients who you are and what your mission and vision and values are, define the vision and mission of your start-up, and vision statement presentations, come up with strategies, business plans, objectives, and strategic goals in line with your mission statement; employee guides etc. All elements are fully editable, with icons coming in a vector format. You can add your own text & data, resize shapes without loss of image quality, or add shadows and other effects.

Slide contents:

Mission, Vision, and Goals PPT; Vector Graphic Illustrations, Venn Diagram, Text Boxes, Placeholder Text, Line Graphics, Binoculars Icon, Rocket Icon, Diamond Icon, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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