Venn diagram template with 2 intersecting circles
from deck Modern Flat Diagrams - Ultimate Bundle for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Venn Diagram Template - 2 circle intersection graphics

This slide contains Venn diagram representing a common area of 2 categories. You can add detailed description of categories on a sides. The common area is represented by semi transparent area in the middle. You can edit filling colors and position to express your idea.

What Does This Venn Diagram Template Slide Include?

  • 2 overlapping circles with predefined harmonic colors and partly transparent filling, that can clearly present the overlap
  • legend area with text description headers
  • editable shapes you can move, recolor or resize

This slide is part of the bigger Diagrams slide deck, where you can find - dozens of other structures diagrams - icons for diagram categories - instruction how to edit those Venn and other diagrams

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