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Example of the Venn diagram with gaps
from deck Venn Intersection Diagrams Template (PPT graphics)

Editing: Venn diagrams with gaps - great for any background

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide highlights the utility and editing capabilities of Venn diagrams with gaps, suitable for any slide background. The slide emphasizes that non-outline shapes can fit against any backdrop, subtly suggesting that such flexibility makes these Venn diagrams versatile. The feature of being "Fully editable" is expanded upon with the ability to change texts, icons, adapt colors to the brand, and resize elements as needed. Additionally, it mentions the ease of modifying diagram elements by ungrouping them.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark grey background on the left side transitioning to white on the right.
  • A Teal bookmark-shaped banner on the right side contains the words "Fully editable."
  • Three Venn diagram circles in orange, green, and blue overlap on the left side with an arrow pointing towards them.
  • Another set of three Venn diagram circles with gaps appears in the center, identical in shape but outlined in blue with white fill.
  • Two textboxes with white text contain instructional content related to the diagrams.
  • The left textbox, with a grey background and white text, advises using non-outline shapes for any background.
  • The right textbox, with a white background and dark grey text, provides information about the ease of changing elements.
  • A small teal rectangular shape in the lower right corner of the slide directs attention to the "Ungroup and easily move or modify diagram elements" feature.

The slide employs a clean and modern design with a balanced use of color and white space to emphasize the adaptability of Venn diagrams. The contrasting dark and light halves of the background effectively divide the slide into two sections highlighting different aspects of the diagrams.

Use Cases

  • To explain how to customize Venn diagrams during a software training or a presentation design workshop.
  • When introducing marketing strategies, to show how different consumer segments overlap and how they can be targeted.
  • During a project management meeting to illustrate the interdependencies or overlap between different project components or teams.
  • In an educational setting to demonstrate to students how subjects or concepts intersect and how to visually represent these overlaps.

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