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Crops and food in numbers

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Crops and food in numbers" presents eight different statistics related to agriculture and food consumption. The stats range from percentages of land used for crop production, covering 12% of the world's area, to specific amounts of food items produced or consumed, such as 368 million tonnes of potatoes grown and 23.5 kg of sugar and sweeteners consumed per person per year. The data are presented in a clear and easily digestible format, offering insights into the global agriculture industry and food consumption trends.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally into two shades of dark green on the upper half and light gray on the lower half.
  • Each piece of data is placed in an individual rectangle with a solid or gradient green background.
  • Rectangular blocks are neatly aligned in a 2x4 grid format.
  • Icons correlate with the data points, such as a sugar bowl for sugar consumption and a wheat icon for wheat imports.
  • Each rectangle also contains a numerical value or percentage in large, bold font, which is the key focus.
  • Text describing the data is in a smaller font, located either below or beside the numerical figure.
  • All fonts are white, enhancing readability against the dark background.

The slide employs a clean and professional design with contrasting colors to make the information stand out. The use of relevant icons and bold numbers allows for quick comprehension of the data presented.

Use Cases

  • In an agricultural business presentation to depict the scale of various crops and resources.
  • For educational purposes to illustrate facts about global food production and consumption.
  • During a conference focused on food security, as a visual aid to present statistical data.
  • In reports or marketing materials for companies within the food industry to showcase industry trends.

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