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Icons set for business model canvas illustration
from deck Business Model Canvas Template (PPT graphics)

Outline BMC Icons (extendable)

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a collection of "Outline BMC (Business Model Canvas) Icons" that are labeled as extendable, confirming their customizable nature. These icons represent various aspects of business modeling such as key partnerships, key activities, key resources, value propositions, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structure, and revenue streams. Each icon graphically depicts a concept essential to the Business Model Canvas framework, a strategic management tool for developing new or documenting existing business models.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white with a gradient dark teal header containing the title "Fully editable icons."
  • Eight outlined icons are evenly distributed across the central area of the slide, with two additional icons highlighted on the right in a darker shade and colored outlines.
  • Each icon is accompanied by a small text label positioned underneath.
  • The icons are minimalist and abstract, representing various business concepts through simple geometric shapes and figures.
  • A circular icon with a teal outline and a smaller icon inside it located to the right is emphasized by a contrasting background circle.
  • A small text box at the bottom right corner states "More icons available. Check our website," with a web address underneath.

The slide uses geometric simplicity and a limited color palette to create a professional and clean aesthetic. The emphasis on certain icons suggests their importance or popularity within the set.

Use Cases

  • These icons can be used in business presentations to visualize different components of the Business Model Canvas.
  • They can serve as visual aids in workshops or meetings focused on strategic planning and business model innovation.
  • Such slide can be incorporated into educational materials and lectures on entrepreneurship and business model development.
  • They may be part of a pitch deck for startups to explain their business model to potential investors or partners.

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